Medve sajt - Packaging Illustration - Aliz Buzás
Medve sajt – Packaging Illustration

Medve sajt – Packaging illustration

Year: 2020

Our all-time favorite ‘Medve sajt’ cheese turned ninety this year, and to celebrate this important landmark, five Hungarian illustrators revived the little joys of our everyday life on the limited edition packagings.

The brand also invited consumers to take part in celebrating: they conducted a representative survey to see what events bring them joy in their everyday lives, like the feeling of meeting a taste known from our childhood again in the form of cheese. These little joys inspired the invited illustrators, too, who drew the joyful and lovely moments for the brand.

I chose this little joy because I love it when it rains in the summer, and you can smell the hazy, warm scent of concrete. Moreover, the round box of the Medve sajt comes quite in handy for displaying the shape of an umbrella.