Helping Budapest's Cafés - Aliz Buzás
Helping Budapest’s Cafés

Helping Budapest’s Cafés

Year: 2021

I was thinking a lot about how could I give a hand to the places I love, and because I’m an illustrator, the solution was pretty straightforward. I assumed that people might be happy if they could put up a poster of their favourite place at their home, and in the meantime, they could also support these cafés and restaurants. I wanted to capture the essence and memory of these places in the drawings, and I want to help as many of them as possible, because I’m lucky – my job hasn’t changed – and it’s much harder for them now.

For the time being, posters have been made for the Kelet Café, Majorka, Coyote Coffee & Deli, Tranzit, Pasarét Bisztró, Kuckó Kávézó and Jedermann and Dürer Kert.